The part about Google Maps: Traveling the world from behind my desk. I suppose I’m an online Globetrotter. Google Maps and me features my ongoing collection of things I stumble upon without burning calories. Watching the world on pause allows you to see things that you might not notice otherwise. What you are possibly thinking right now: ‘But the weather, smells, sounds, people, that’s exactly what makes traveling interesting and fun!’ And you’re right. It’s just traveling from a different perspective, and I love it. 

The part about me: Maaike Canne is an illustrator and visual artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Influenced by architecture, design & nature, Maaike’s bold and colorful compositions are situated somewhere between representation and abstraction and explore the ambiguity of interior and exterior space. In addition, she also paints murals and paintings, both for commercial projects and as her artistic practice.

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All screenshots, gifs and videos are made by me using Google Maps or Google Earth.